Charity Charge - Give back to charity with every purchase you make

Last time I redeemed points on my credit card it was for steak knives, because I literally did not know what else to get with one year of accumulated points. But hey, at least I got something! It's estimated that over 16 billion dollars in credit card rewards are wasted each year.

Enter Charity Charge. This Austin based startup recently launched the Charity Charge World MasterCard, issued by Commerce Bank. This amazing card allows you to earn 1% cash back on all purchases. Subsequently, the card allows you to allocate this easily acquired wealth to support up to three local or national nonprofits. 

A great idea from a great city. We reached to learn more and Charity Charged came back to us with the goods.

What event sparked the creation of Charity Charge?

Our founder, Stephen Garten, was attempting to redeem rewards points that he had earned on a different credit card, but after looking through the less than great options he was frustrated by the fact that he didn’t need more stuff and he felt like his points weren’t what they were promised when he signed up for the card.

Then he got an email from a local nonprofit that he had previously donated money to asking for support towards their end of year giving fundraising goal. That’s when the idea clicked, Stephen wanted a credit card that could give back, so that rather than remembering to contribute to the organizations he cares about every year he could contribute to them every day. This revelation started him on the path to create Charity Charge.

Stephen Garten

What makes Charity Charge unique compared to the other cards that offer giveback solutions?

The Charity Charge World MasterCard is unique because we allow cardholders to give their 1% cash back donation to any nonprofit, k-12 school, university, or religious organization in the United States. This is a break from the traditional one charity, one card model used in the past. Due to our partnership with GuideStar every single nonprofit is automatically in our system so that there is no registration required.

Also, we understand that people care about multiple issues and have loyalty to different organizations. Therefore we allow cardholders to pick up to 3 charities to support at a time, these can be changed easily through our cardholder donation dashboard. We have created a system for every nonprofit to have their own affinity credit card without having to go through the process of negotiating individual deals with banks and issuers.

How does one go about getting a Charity Charge Card?

Getting a Charity Charge World MasterCard is simple. Just go to our website: Search for your favorite nonprofit and click apply. You’ll be redirected to our bank application and once that is complete you’re done! You just have to wait for your approval notice and then receive your card in the mail. Once you receive your card you can start giving back with every purchase you make.

 Is the card available everywhere?

The card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Right now the nonprofits cardholders can choose to support are limited to those within the US, but we hope to expand to other countries in the future.  

Charity Charge happy people

You guys underwrite the 1% completely and you’re not making any money from the consumer or the charity. How are you guys making money?

We are passionate about making giving back every day easy for both the cardholder and the nonprofits they support. That is why we pay all the processing fees so that 100% of cardholder rewards go to their nonprofit. Still we are a for-profit company so we make money through each new account opened and through the success of the program. It’s great to be able to empower people to give back every day through the work we do at Charity Charge.

Thank you so much for answering these questions. Where can people learn more about Charity Charge?

You can learn more about Charity Charge on our website: or by following us on social media:

Facebook: ,

Twitter: @charitycharge

Instagram: @charitycharge

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