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Coeur Intelligent in a organization that works towards building environmental initiatives with their participant's help. In the process, they hope to educate and demystify the overwhelming information on what it takes to build a greener tomorrow. 

We heard about Coeur Intelligent when the set out to plant 100 trees for the start of the new school year with students and loved the idea!

We caught up with the founder, Mia, to learn a little more about the organization with ambitious goals.

Hi Mia! Let's start this off. Who's behind Coeur Intelligent?

I started this project by myself last September. I was fortunate to have my friends help me get the first few projects off the ground. I’m very lucky to be surrounded by awesome people. Thanks to them, Coeur Intelligent has many more opportunities today than it could have ever had alone. And as we grow, so does the team.

Before Coeur Intelligent, what was your main occupation? 

I started Coeur Intelligent during College. I initially completed an undergraduate law program and then decided to pursue philosophy studies. Science and nature have always fascinated me.

Analyzing both disciplines brought many unanswered questions. In response to these, I decided to create an environmental project. The timing was perfect as the growing environmental issues are now internationally exposed on the different media channels.

Is there an event that triggered the creation of Coeur Intelligent? 

I’m a documentary geek. After watching a ton of documentaries about our planet’s environmental issues and meeting people from the industry, I became conscious about how important it is to start taking action today. And these actions need to be within all the levels of our interaction with the environment.

The more I got involved, the more interested in making a difference I became. That's when Coeur Intelligent happened.

How hard is it for a group a young people to start an NPO?

It takes a lot of energy and organisation. Fortunately, there are companies in Montreal that offer professional guidance to anyone who seriously wants to start a project smilair to this.

We are currently still in the process of becoming an official NPO. There are many more steps that I initially imagined. That being said, it doesn't stop us from continuing to pursue our current projects.

mia sarrazin coeur intelligent

You guys curate a lot of good world-news content. What is one of the most exciting initiatives that you've heard of this past year?

    For the past few years organic and local products have become more and more popular. People are conscious and invested on how important it is to feel connected to the Earth and are making important choices in what they decide to eat.

    I truly believe that more people being informed of what we eat and how it affects our environment is one of the most important changes to happen in the past year. Eating is something we do everyday. The impact of this change is huge.

    What were you guys doing at Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie?

    We collaborated with Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie during their three events in Montreal. We were in charge of the eco-responsible team and we had to maintain the respect of the location's environment. We had the opportunity to propose eco-responsible improvements for future events.

    Who (person or organization) inspires you?

    The Oceanic Preservation Society, the organisation behind The Cove and Racing Extinction. They are the inspirational people I look up to. Teaming up up with the best creative and technological directors, they get to educate and create awareness in a form that is adapted to our lifestyle.

    They show us the changes we need to bring in every sphere of our life. They show us that it is possible to create beautiful things with the new green technologies.

    What is the best documentary that you've seen in the past year?

      A lot of documentaries have changed my perception of the world we live in. It's hard for me to name just one! Here’s the ones I truly recommend: Racing Extinction, Unity, Planetary, Overview, Tapped, More than honey, How to change the world, Hungry for change, Food Inc., Blackfish, Human, I am, Cosmos, Chasing Ice and The Unbelievers.

      If you can ask everyone to change one thing or take one action in their lives, what would it be?

      Ask questions and be more curious about the world you live in. It’s by asking where things come from, how they are made and what they can do that we can realize the social, medical and environmental impacts they generate.

      It's impossible to change the world if we don’t change our perspective.

      arbre coeur intelligent

      How did the book Zero Waste have an impact on your life?

      I had the chance to see one of the first Béa Johnson’s interviews. That’s when I got into the Zero Waste movement. The most important impact I received was to realize how much packaging and waste one single person can produce. We think the Zero Waste "lifestyle" is hard, but it isn't. Yes, it needs organization but the benefits save money and positively benefits our environment and personal health.

      Can we talk about the time you brought your own bowl to the restaurant? 

      Haha! People really still talk about it. After I started reading Zero Waste, I decided to apply some of the tips to my life. One of them was to bring a mason jar or a bowl with me so I can minimize any packaging. Let’s just say that the guy working our table remained quite surprised when I asked him to put my leftovers in my bowl and not in a bag. He stared at me as if I was an alien but it worked!

      Where does the name Coeur Intelligent (Smart Heart in English) come from?

      The name was born after I'd read a research published in the United States. This research showed the power of the electromagnetic field of the heart, that can also be measured outside of our body. 

      By qualifying ourselves as "Cœur Intelligent", we attempt to find a balance between the emotional and the rational in our decisions and actions.

      What current environmental situation worries you the most?

      It’s hard for me to name just one. The more I'm informed about these issues, the more I realize they are related on different levels. For example, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is still rising and it's also getting absorbed by the acidified oceans.

      That’s why my main concern aren't the direct situations but rather the lack of awareness and information on these issues. Science proves time and time again that humans are the principal cause of the rising CO2 levels. We're often misinformed about the consequences of our actions.

      Your mission states: "Many of the current environmental issues arise from a lack of awareness and information." Can you give an example?

      Last November, we had the chance to go to an elementary school and give a conference on the consequences of our actions and our consummation on our well-being and our environment.

      Man generated pollution, such as agriculture, transportation and consumption, is one of the worst environmental problems because it affects air, water and soil. Then, it needs millions of years to recover. Unfortunately, most of the students had no idea these problems existed.

      Once informed, we could actually see sadness and disarray in their eyes. But there was also hope, and a willingness to learn and help fight these problems. They cared. The following week the professor gave them a challenge: a zero waste week where the students had to minimize the wrapping in their own lunch boxes.

      Last spring, we returned to the school to organize a school grounds clean up and we were able to see that the awareness was still present in these same students. They were ready to help. We are still very proud of them.

       enfants coeur intelligent

      What is the next event that Coeur Intelligent has lined up?

      In the next few months we will be doing our first cleaning and tree planting event. It's going to be an awesome day filled with activities for those who participate. More details coming soon!

      Thank you so much for doing this. Where can people learn more about you guys? 

      Thank you for getting to know us! To learn everything about Cœur Intelligent, follow us on:

      You can also find out more on our website We are working on more projects for fall 2016 and we've just created a blog dedicated to helping your learn more about the steps you can take to reduce your impact.

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