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My eye was caught by the gorgeous wooden aesthetics. Then, curiosity crept in. Seconds later, I was frantically google-ing for answers.

Turns out, this wooden pour-over is called a Canadiano. It's created by a design firm located in the neighboring city of Toronto. They are named FishTnk.

They use wood to create drips that are sustainable, good-looking and original. They're sealed with organic oil and they use recyclable stainless steel as filters for the grounds.

You can find different types of wood with different odors which will also affect the taste of your coffee. For example, it is recommended to use the Cherry or Birch for light to medium roast.

For the coffee connoisseur, this may seem like an unorthodox idea but the Canadiano isn't built to replace any of your beloved brewers, it's meant to become additional experience, visually, olfactory and gustatory.

Three colors/flavors

FishTnk and I were thankfully able to ignore the Montreal/Toronto rivalry and chat about how cool these pour-overs are.

What inspired the design of the wooden pour-over?

Canada! The tactile and raw experience of Canadian nature, in the simplest way possible. We work with wood at the studio a lot, for furniture design, model making or architectural detailing. After a week of no coffee, (we used to have a French press at the studio but it broke) we decided to pick up the chisel and carve a canoe shaped bowl in a chunk of Maple. Four years later, here we are with a great product that has reached over 50 countries in the world. 

What has proven to be the most popular wood? 

Cherry and Walnut are our best sellers. People like the sound of cherry and the wood is beautiful! And Walnut because of its unique color, its harmony with roasted coffee colors and its boldness.

Who is the fussiest coffee brewer at the office?

Used to be Max, our production manager… but I think after drinking way too many testers and coffee samples to master the art of Canadiano we all lost our sensitivity pretty quickly! We have all arrived at a point that we love our specific pieces, I use a walnut, Max uses a Raw Oak and each person has their ways … some with milk, some maple syrup [Oh, Canada!], some sweeter and some more bitter! I would say I am the least picky about the coffee, but more fussy about the experience.


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Who brews the coffee for Canadiano?

Alternative Grounds!

Linda and Kevin have been pioneers of local coffee roasting in Toronto and are very well respected for their humanitarian work in Northern Peru and their support of local growers. We brought them on board as soon as we had our first working prototype.

They suggested a number of amazing single origins and a wide range of roasts, we settled with a Peruvian blend that comes from a coop that helps micro-farmers and women in the community. The coffee is great! The roast is fantastic and we are proud of knowing where and how our coffee is delivered to the global market. 

How does the taste change when you use a stainless steel filter rather than a paper filter?

With paper filters, most of the coffee oils and particles are removed, and some people say the paper adds a flavor. I personally don’t notice the paper flavor that everyone mentions but with our metal filter (made from an extremely high grade of surgical stainless steel) there is no added flavor and you allow more of a wholesome extraction. It’s like whole wheat bread vs white bread. We prefer the whole wheat.

What is FSC wood and why does it matter?

FSC is essentially the organization that protects forests and manages the population’s use of lumber. Forest Stewardship Council makes sure we use only planted trees that were designated for harvest and is not from the wild forests or protected areas. It is a closely monitored, rapidly renewable source. We mill our wood from under 100 km of our studio. 

Can you describe the team behind Canadiano (aka Fishtnk) in two sentences or less?

We are a team of architects, designers, and craftspeople. We love making things that change your everyday experience of space and objects.

The start to an absolutely amazing day

What are some of your favorite wooden pieces that are not Fishtnk or Canadiano?

We love the wood working pieces from the art deco period … and the Claretone collections from the 50s and 60s. There is also a tremendous body of architectural work by some great Canadian architects that inspire us, people such as Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

Where is your favorite place to drink coffee?

Kensington Market, Toronto. I love grabbing a cup of coffee and finding a random bench or a patio to sit on, then taking a sip and enjoying the sunshine…

Thank you so much for your time, where can people learn more about you?

Instagram seems to be the best place to see what we are up to. For more product specific details, visit our website:




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