How to Make a Chilled Café Bombon - Recipe

On a warm, sunny morning, what could be more refreshing to wake up to than a tall, frosty glass of iced coffee? Waking up to a tall glass of Chilled Cafe Bombon, that's what. If you like your coffee flavors mild yet complex and crave a little extra caffeine now and then, this is the perfect solution. 

We've decided to offer a recipe with a Cold Brew preparation. Why? Well, most coffee brewing methods involve hot water or pressurized steam. These release a lot of bitter and acidic compounds into the finished brew. This is bad news for anyone who needs to watch the acidity levels in their food and drink, such as reflux sufferers. By allowing the coffee to steep in cold water over a longer period, cold brewing methods produce a coffee with lower acidity and a better flavor profile. Okay, that's all the science for today.

Chilled Café Bombon - Recipe

This cold brew coffee recipe is based on the sweet coffee drinks enjoyed in sunny Spain, where coffee made with condensed milk is called Café Bombon. It's similar to Vietnamese coffee in that manner.

The chilled Cafe Bombon is mild, sweet and refreshing. It's also a great way to get over that late afternoon slump. It's sweeter than your regular coffee. I personally like it a little less sweet, so I sometimes reduce the amount of condensed milk.


  • 9 ounces (250 g) whipping cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 12 ounces (250 ml) chilled cold-pressed coffee
  • 9 ounces (250 g) of condensed milk, whole or skim
  • Crushed ice
  • Cocoa powder for sprinkling 


At least four hours ahead of coffee time (preferably the evening before, so the coffee has a chance to steep overnight), grind of a cup of beans (coarse) and place them in a French press or jug with 1½ cups of cold water. Don't let the coffee steep over 24 hours.

It's a good idea to use filtered water, as minerals present in unfiltered water can impair the finished brew. Place the coffee in your refrigerator to steep. If you're using a French press, the plunger should be left up so the coffee has a chance to infuse. 

In the morning, whip up the cream with the vanilla essence till it forms soft peaks. (You can do this ahead of time -- just be sure to cover the bowl and keep it cool.) Mix the condensed milk thoroughly with the crushed ice and divide the mixture into four glasses. Push down the plunger or filter the coffee, and carefully pour it over the condensed milk and ice. Spoon whipped cream over each glass as a topping, then sprinkle with cocoa. These drinks have a pretty layered look, though you'll need to stir them well before taking a sip. 

Viola! Delicious, sweet iced coffee without any of the acid. Waking up has never been more enjoyable.

Want to learn more about Cold Brew Brewing? Check out our special guide by Montreal's Dispatch Coffee right here. This will help you step up your coffee game, including your Chilled Cafe Bombon.

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