Kicking Horse Coffee - Organic Gold from Invermere, BC

Five quick questions that you can finish before today's first coffee. Our first ever espressoview.

Without further ado, here is Kicking Horse Coffee, one of Canada's best-known organic coffee roasters.

1. Can you describe Invermere in two sentences or less?

Smack dab in the middle of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Invermere is an area that inspires us. It’s an area that’s home to good folks and big ideas, that promises purity and adventure.

kicking horse coffee invermere

Also home to gorgeous dogs

2. What is your most popular blend?

Hands down, Kick Ass® is our most popular blend.

kick ass coffee by kicking horse

Sweet, smoky and audacious

3. What particular challenges occur when you decide to only source organic and Fair Trade coffee?

We need a lot of exceptional coffee beans that we are proud to use consistently and dependably. Coffee beans that are good and fair for both our coffee drinkers and for farmers.

And that’s not simple. The coffee industry can be volatile, unpredictable and subject to dramatic price fluctuations. 

4. Why is it important to source only organically grown coffee beans in your opinion?

Organic means not compromising. Not settling for anything less than the best. For us, sourcing organic coffee ensures that our coffee is pure, pesticide-free, full of flavor, grown with the best intentions, and good for you. It means smart farming, planning for tomorrow, and not sacrificing the future. Sourcing organically guarantees coffee growers are accountable to us, so we can be accountable to our coffee drinkers. 

organic coffee kicking horse coffee

Let's keep nature pretty

5. Why did you decide to create the light blend "Hola"? 

Kicking Horse® Coffee's original story tells of a Rocky Mountain explorer who, while crossing a river, was kicked in the head by a horse. His companions thought he was dead. But legend has it that a powerful cup of coffee brought him back to life. That's the spirit of this coffee blend. It's here to wake up the dead and meet the sun with a salutation: Hola!

Thank you so much for doing this. Where can people learn more about you?

They can head to our website: 

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