The World's Best French Press - The Espro Interview

There’s something about the emotional connection that comes with being able to see what you’re making come together right in front of your eyes.

I had no idea what a French Press was or how to make coffee with it. Yet one day, out of curiosity (and thanks to a great looking design), I stumbled into the world of coffee by purchasing my first piece of hardware, the ESPRO Press.

Typically, a French Press provides a strong, delicious cup of coffee but it also comes filled with grounds residue, displaying a murky and not always pleasant finish. The ESPRO Press is designed with a patented double micro filter, providing the rich cup of coffee without the usual mess. Problem solved.

In my opinion (and in Stumptown Coffee's opinion) a French Press really is the best and easiest way to produce high quality coffee at home.

    Bruce Constantine, President and Co-Founder, was willing to let us in on some secrets behind ESPRO.

    Who drinks the most coffee at the company?

    There are about 10 of us floating around the office when we are at full capacity and we go through approximately ¾ lb of coffee per day.

    Our two heaviest coffee drinkers have to be Jacob Moss and Brian Lee. Jake is constantly brewing a fresh pot in the ESPRO press and probably refills his cup 15-20 times per day. Granted, our cups are small and he’s really only pouring about 2 oz at a time, but he’s still heavily caffeinated.

    Your latest products are the ESPRO Press P3 and P5. Why did you feel the need to create a glass version of your traditional ESPRO Press?

    There’s something about the emotional connection that comes with being able to see what you’re making come together right in front of your eyes.

    Whether you’re cooking a dish or brewing a pot of coffee. Glass lets you see and experience the coffee-making process - you can see if the grinds are being wet evenly and watch as you push the plunger to the bottom. It’s extremely satisfying.

    In addition, stainless steel is among the most expensive materials in the world to work with. While our Press P7 is the world’s best French Press, it’s also one of the most expensive. Using glass enables us to cut our costs while also allowing users to have that visceral emotional connection with the beverage they are making.

    The ESPRO P5 working hard to make your morning even better

    Are you guys currently working on a new project?

    Yes. That’s all I’ll say about that. If I told you, I would have to kill you.

    How long does it take to develop a new product? How many prototypes do you usually go through?

    Chris McLean is our designer. He is in charge of the design and engineering of all of our products; no one else touches it. For each new product we go through a very careful design process that includes taking time to understand the customer, the consumer, and the elements that truly matter to them when they are looking to purchase a quality French press.

    Then, we turn that into the nuts and bolts of a product. It can be messy, and it generally takes about 6-12 months of trying and retrying and idea. We can go through about 10-30 prototypes during this period. In the case of the Press P3, our newest model, we went through 15-20 actual versions of the press until we landed on the final product.

    In the past 6 months, who has been your preferred coffee roaster?

    At the office we use Rocanini Coffee Roasters.

    My weapon of choice for daily coffee

    ESPRO Inc is based out of Vancouver. Briefly, can you describe the coffee scene on Canada’s west coast?

    Along with Seattle, Portland and New York City, Vancouver was one of the earliest cities in the world to be a part of the "Third Wave" coffee revolution. This was the result of a large increase in independent coffee roasters.

    The real "Third Wave" started around 1998 when coffee shops like JJ Bean, Caffe Artigiano and Elysian started opening in Vancouver.

    [You can view our interview with OG coffee roasters JJ Bean here.]

    At this point, coffee culture also began to thrive thanks to a growing online community. Now, Vancouver continues to be a trendsetter in the global coffee community and all of the aforementioned coffee shops have expanded to include multiple store fronts.

    From the beginning, Vancouver has always been a trendsetter in the coffee community and that continues to hold true today.

    Thank you guys!

    You can learn more about ESPRO by visiting their website here, or their Facebook over here.

    I've decided to attach a small graphic of the design behind the ESPRO Press below. This is your time to nerd out!

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