Rocanini Coffee Roasters - Quality Before Anything Else

Following up on a lead from ESPRO Inc, we decided to contact the people who roast the beans for their office. ESPRO Inc pumps out some of the industry's highest quality products and they're known for their outstanding attention to detail. If this perfectionist crew was ready to vouch for a roaster, we knew something special was going on.

Below you'll find our no-nonsense interview with the great people from Rocanini Coffee Roasters. 

In pursuit of the art of coffee making

Where does the name Rocanini come from?

Named in homage to Italian tradition, the name “Rocanini” has been derived from the Latin word for rock, roca—with a twist. The name communicates a foundation of both strength and presence. 

Why do you think the crew at ESPRO chooses to drink Rocanini?

They choose our coffee because we understand coffee beans and roast them right. We consistently present the maximum of flavor layers and extract the most taste possible out of our beans.

This helps the crew at ESPRO to test their coffee equipment for the best results.

What advantages does a Roaster/Café have over other cafés that don’t roast their beans?

From selecting green bean to roasting coffee, we understand not only the coffee bean but also the customers’ taste buds and preferences. That allow us to design the right coffee to satisfy our customers.

As a coffee roaster, we can choose better quality green beans and also provide seasonal single origin coffee that always suits our customers’ needs.

Who inspires you?

Steve Jobs.

What is your favorite snack to eat with coffee?

Fresh made chocolate mix nuts bar.

How do you personally brew your own coffee?

Espresso ristretto or pour over drip.

Why's that?

I can taste the coffee concentrated flavor profile on a ristretto. With a pour over I can clearly examine the different flavor layers of the coffee. 

rocanini coffee pour over

One pour over coming up

If you can change one thing in any of your cafés, what would it be and why?

I would update the store layout for a faster service.

What is one thing you have changed in the 6+ years since you've started as a roaster

Got much closer to coffee green beans. We've also developed a better understanding of the roasting technologies and the art behind coffee.

What is your favorite coffee related piece of equipment or machinery and why?

It’s the Nuova Simonelli Black Eagle Espresso Machine because of its updated technology and consistent service.

Can you describe the Oji Cold brew machine?

It’s the machine for cold drip coffee. It only uses cold water and slowly drips over coffee for 6 - 8 hours

The awe-inspiring Oji

Thank you for doing this. Where can people learn more?

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