The Travel Mug


This Mug will make your Day

Coffee is awesome and so is this travel mug. Keep your coffee warm and delicious for up to six hours while helping to reduce the humongous waste associated with disposable cups. In exchange, we’ll give 10% back to the coffee industry for fuelling us up with the world’s most wonderful drink. And, of course, shipping is free. We also offer a 15-day money back guarantee. If you don't like it, we refund you.

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Type: Reusable Mug

This Mug offers you Beautiful, Comforting Warmth

Ew! We can’t think of anything worse than dosing off during work, class or a social outing and then taking a big gulp of mild or cold coffee. It’s a bad surprise, every single time.

Our Andy+ Travel Mugs will keep your coffee toasty warm for up to six hours. Whether you’re driving, hiking up the trail in winter or listening to your teacher, our mugs will keep your coffee warm. Every sip will be a dose of pleasure and coziness. That’s the way coffee should be enjoyed.

This Mug gives back to the Coffee Industry

Let’s not kid each other, the coffee industry isn’t the most ethical in the world (but thanks to fair trade and direct trade, it is getting better). We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships and giving back to the people that give to us. In this case, we want to give back to the people who give us coffee.

Andy+ offers 10% of all of its sales (regardless of discounts) to Cup For Education and Pueblo a Pueblo. With their help, we can work towards developing better educational infrastructures in the rural coffee communities of Latin America. Currently, each sale of the Andy+ Travel mugs will help maintain and expand a school Library in Cerro de Oro, Guatemala. Learn more here.

pathway to literacy

This Mug helps the Environment

Don’t be fooled, a “paper cup” of coffee does not mean that it’s recyclable. Most cups are lined with polyethylene. This keeps your coffee warm and halts the liquid from mixing with the cup. Unfortunately, it also renders the cup un recyclable and hard to composite. The end game? The cups go into the landfills. The statistics do vary a little, but they stay scary:

  • 6 billion disposable cups are wasted each year in Canada
  • Well over 14 billion cups are thrown away each year in the US (enough to circle the earth… 55 times!)

By using a reusable cup, you avoid participating in the overwhelming problem that is the disposable coffee cup. New companies are emerging with innovative solutions and new cups, but they’ve yet to become mainstream. Until then, your best bet is to use a reusable cup. Although we suggest the Andy+ Travel Mug (because, you know, we like them), any reusable mug is a great step forward. We truly believe that the most effective environmental changes you can incorporate into your lifestyle are daily habits. You’ll be reducing your impact 365 days a year, for the rest of you life.

This Mug Also...

  • Is leak proof thanks to the double lid. Use the first (button sealed) cap if you're on the go, driving or drinking (coffee) at the office. Use the second (screw on) lid to ride a bike, to throw the bottle in your backpack and/or go on a hike without any risk of it leaking.
  • Keeps your drink hot for up to six hours. This also mean that your drink is usually still really hot after 1 hour. Be careful.
  • Is tough and durable.
  • Is easy to clean. The lid can be taken apart in only one step in order to thoroughly wash it and make your next coffee taste great.
  • Fits up to 14oz. Never run out of coffee.
  • Physical size? Bananas for scale.