Friends and ambassadors

Coeur Intelligent

We're proud to bring on board Mia Sarrazin and Catherine Matusiak from Coeur Intelligent. They're young, full of energy and they're also in love with coffee.

Coeur Intelligent is an environmentally focused organization. In a world where we are overloaded with information, Coeur Intelligent wants to help educate our society about the dangers faced by the environment and show people that we have the power to stop it. Through workshops, events and actions (such as planting a hundred trees to start the school year), they're going to lead by example and guide us to a more sustainable future.

It takes a lot of courage and a lot of energy to get out and work toward starting your own non profit but these ladies are out to change the world, no matter what. We can't wait to see their next project

*Photo by AJR Beluga Vidéo et Photography

Coeur intelligent

Café September

Café September reaches deep to find Montreal's surprisingly present surf culture. Equipped with a shaping room for surf boards, you'll discover unique ambiance that perfectly complements the laid back and feel good atmosphere associated with cafés.

I love the spirit, good lighting and the scattered surf mags I can stumble upon while visiting Cafe September. The DIY attitude, the creativity and the minimalist design makes for this café one of the most unique places that you will find in the Montreal South West District. Our shared passion for surf and for coffee created an instant connection between us and we're glad to count them as ambassadors.

Our bottles are now available for sale directly at Café September

cafe september