Cup for Education

We were lucky to meet with Karen from Cup for Education early on during our project. Right away we knew that these were the people we wanted to work with. Karen was passionate about coffee, very sweet, compassionate and had already been working hard for over a decade to help change the state of the coffee industry. 

Since 2003, Cup for Education has worked on building the educational systems in the coffee regions of the world where coffee is grown. They concentrate their efforts on providing supplies, teachers and literacy programs across central and south american. They always work to provide sustainability and autonomy in order to help communities to grow beyond the current projects. 

Cup For Education is 100% volunteer based meaning that they're giving a 100% of the money to the people in need. Visit to learn more.

Pueblo a Pueblo

Pueblo a Pueblo can be interpreted "From village to village" or from "People to People". In case of this NPO, it's both. Pueblo a Pueblo has been established since 2001 and works on providing health, education and food security in rural coffee-growing communities in Latin America, more specifically Guatemala.

Focus on training community members is crucial in order to help the different regions to manage and maintain the projects. Once Pueblo a Pueblo moves on the another village, the previous town will be able to continue to benefit from the program for current and future generations.

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